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Pectrolum, Inc., specializes in the supplying of coal and related energy resources to the power and cement fields and other industries. Pectrolum, Inc., is an integrated energy company providing end-to-end solutions by sourcing, shipping, and supplying coal, oil, and gas and energy commodities.

Headquartered in The Trump Building in New York, we focus on serving the market in the United States and Africa. Our team of experts, from the energy supplying markets, provides innovative and valued solutions in moving coal and other commodities from the point of origin to our customers' chosen points of destination.

Our experienced professional team goes the extra mile to provide cost-effective delivery each and every time. We know how to use the sourcing and shipping, and we integrate these with environmentally proven process handling, storage, and logistics that complete the door-to-door supply chain. Pectrolum's team has many years of experience in this challenging region. We are continuing to expand our markets and broaden our products to become the one-stop shop that serves, sources, and delegates the full range of material required for the expansion of the cement, steel, coal, and oil and gas industries.

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We conduct our business safely, ethically, honestly, and with integrity at all times.
We trust our people and work together as a team. All employees have an opportunity to contribute their ideas and share in our success.
We communicate openly, build on what we know and learn, and make informed decisions to keep us ahead of the competition.
We embrace change, continuously improving ourselves and our business.